We work from home running a small business, so I was thrilled to discover this really excellent executive office chair that is working great for my husband. While he is nowhere near 400 pounds, this big and tall chair is padded and fitted with enough support for someone larger than him, and I thought it would be a great way to ensure that the chair remained comfortable for a long, long time. And I have to say, it’s much better than I’d hoped it would be. Assembling the chair was simple and seeing each part up close showed it to be a truly heavy duty chair. To assemble it, first, we inserted the quality caster wheels into the thick, stainless steel “star base” footing.

I actually couldn’t do it by hand (like I said, heavy duty), so I laid the head of a screwdriver between the two wheels in each caster, then used a rubber mallet to tap the screwdriver-handle-protected caster wheel into place. Then, I inserted the stainless steel piston into the center of the base. We used the included fancy Allen wrench tool screw in the machinery to the bottom of the seat, matching the front sides of each piece into place (look for “FRONT” stamped into the metal and the “front” label on the seat), snapped the controls into place, and set the seat on the piston. Then, I just loosely screwed in the (labeled “R” or “L”) armrests into each side of the seat. After screwing in the bottom screws on the back, I tilted the back upward and inserted the final two screws.

Once everything was attached properly, I tightened all 8 screws and popped their chromed covers into place. It’s all pretty simple and just took a few minutes. The seat is covered in “bonded leather” which feels pretty thick and is a nice dark brown that would work well with brown or black furniture. It’s actually the first executive chair that could actually extend higher than needed — up to 23 inches tall at the top of the seat (i.e., the length of your calves to the bottom of your feet), which is great.

The seat is large, about 22 inches wide, when it’s assembled, and the padding is up to 8 inches thick. The seat back is 30 inches tall, more than enough for him to lean back and rest his head. I like that the armrests don’t catch on pockets (no tears) and are just the right height to rest his elbows on (about 8 inches from the top of the seat). The best thing about this chair is that, since it is made for big and tall people, the seat doesn’t ever sink down. We’re really happy with this chair and it is very high quality in terms of design and comfort.