Our little girl loved her potty chair. But there are some problems with it, nonetheless. First, it’s not an actual toilet, so moving her from the “toy” version to the real one hasn’t worked out well. We have a little stool for her to reach the toilet okay but the process is still more difficult than I thought it would be. So this seat has really helped. I wish we had used this from the beginning and then the transition would have been so much easier. This toilet seat doesn’t need any cleaning after use and it fits on the toilet very easily and in just a moment. It’s strong and well made. The plastics are thick and durable and clearly ready for years of use.

There are handles on the side to help get our little one get situated with inlaid silicon rubber stars, to help make the handles softer and comfortable to hold. There are pads on the bottom so the seat doesn’t slip. And the padded seat is comfortable for her, too. The fun characters from Sesame Street help her understand that it’s especially for her. The right handle has an inlaid button which can be pushed to play one of three musical sounds (note that the sounds are not the Sesame Street characters talking, just musical snippets).

I should also note the attachment for boys is very soft silicone rubber, so it’s not a barrier climbing on or off the seat. Also, important for us, the seat can easily be moved to her grandmother’s house for when we visit. No stress, easy to use, and our little one loves it!