I have to admit that this vacuum is the best vacuum we’ve ever used. It’s hard to list all the carefully designed features that make it so effective and even fun to use. It’s all made really well, with quality parts, strong connectors, it’s rock solid. It is VERY powerful. It maintains super-suction while cleaning up shocking amounts of dust, hair, and grime that my previous high-end vacuum apparently left behind. It has super comfortable handles for any height and hand size, and pivots tightly.

It cleans right to the edge of the foot-wide cleaning head, too, so swiveling around the feet of tables and couches is super easy — no need to move furniture anymore, or having a halo of dirt around each table leg. The LED headlights are a big help for this as well. The canister — which is nearly twice as big as our last vacuum’s — dumps out cleanly and easily, with the top and bottom opening easily on strong hinges, and closing with a solid click. Our great room extends from the front doorway into the living room, dining area, and into the kitchen. Yet the cord reaches easily across it all. Plus, we have four different floor coverings in that area.

This vacuum switches easily between them all — tall carpet, low carpet, and the hard floor roller is amazing. There’s even a light-up indicator showing which setting I’m on, with text and icons, along with a light on the cleaning head that glows green to show it’s spinning okay — and red for not, although I have yet to see that.

Further, our family has a lot of long hair, along with furry cats and an indoor dog, too and anyone with a house like ours know what that means with most vacuums — every time you vacuum, you have to hack the bunches of hair wrapped tightly around the roller off before you can vacuum again. Well, this vacuum automatically (auto-magically?) cleans itself off. It’s amazing. Even when I vacuum our daughter’s room, I can just switch to a low-carpet setting for a minute while cleaning a hard floor and the hair just vanishes from the roller entirely. Love that feature!