Colorful, straightforward illustrations make this delightfully rhyming book of tech-industry keywords into a fun gift for parents-to-be, working in the tech world. The book is genuinely fun to read to children, even though your little angel (investor) may be more a moonshot ready for a nap(ping pod) than a thought-leader of tomorrow. Kids will appreciate the rhyming words and colorful illustrations, while they learn their ABCs. Adults will appreciate the humorous juxtaposition of tech world realities in a charming tradition of picture books.

From Adele to (Malala) Yousafzai, this compendium of brief biographies of outstanding women whose grand accomplishments — in many fields of endeavor — have brought them fame, admiration, and respect. It’s an inspiring book about inspiring women. Each two-page spread features a woman whose portrait is painted in vibrant colors on one page, and a brief biography — focusing on major accomplishments and their influence — on the other. This would make an inspiring gift for women of any age.

This amusing book is filled with hundreds of well-written stories about amazing ripostes, burns, and comebacks from well-known politicians. Many are a response to a straightforward insult where the insult-ed turns the comment back around on the insult-er. The book is divided into chapters arranged chronologically, beginning in ancient Rome. The anecdotes are each explained concisely and clearly so a prior understanding of the circumstance isn’t necessary.

Included are responses from luminaries like Abraham Lincoln, who Stephen Douglass called “two-faced” in a debate. “I leave it to my audience,” Lincoln replied. “If I had another face, would I wear this one?” The book is over 200 pages, well-researched, and extends up to the current time. One of the final retorts is from AOC, in a tweet alongside a Fox News graphic of “Radical New Democratic Ideas” — all of which sound like laudable goals. “Oh no!” she replied. “They discovered our vast conspiracy to take care of children and save the planet.” This is both an eye-opening look at the power of eloquence, an insightful commentary on political science, and a funny book of historical jokes well worth remembering.