I am really happy with how well these earphones are working for me. The band between the two earpieces rests across the back of my neck and keeps them from falling to the ground, if they did fall out of my ears, which they haven’t. In any case, it’s extra convenient, because I can take the earpieces out, or put them in, without searching my pockets for th em. Instead, they are right there on my shoulders. The fit is very comfortable, so I forget that I have them on at times. I like how they links up with my phone’s Bluetooth without having to specifically tell it to connect to the headphones — it just works on its own, in seconds.

The microphone picks up my voice very well and between the earpieces and mic, I can talk on the phone and be heard clearly, hands-free, even in noisy environments. There are volume buttons and between them, a blank button that handles most everything else — power on/off (3-second push), play/pause (tap), answer/end call (tap), and so on. Super simple to use, extra stability, and they have great sound, too, whether I’m using just one or both of the earpieces.