I think that everyone needs a quality pot like this one. Mostly, I like it because it is quite large so we can cook enough food for the entire extended family, in one go. For example, we can make a large batch of pasta without strands of angel hair or spaghetti getting stuck together — and without having to stir it constantly, either. The thick bottom on the pan helps it to cook evenly and with less heat, too.

And there’s no threat of the bottom warping from pre-heating the pan or adding cool liquids while it’s hot. I’m glad that the stainless steel construction means we’ll be able to use this for years and years. And I love the glass top, which lets me check on how things are doing without having to raise the lid. There is a little hole in the glass for excess steam to be released so the lid doesn’t wobble once it’s simmering and make noise or sputter all over the kitchen.

And the quality construction means that the heavy-duty handles are easy to use and don’t need to be re-screwed to tighten them up all the time. It is also easy to clean and looks great, too. We use it a lot for curries and it’s also great for one-pot cooking, too, like our favorite spinach pasta dish. Love this pot and we use it all the time!