I’d thought I was through with worrying about all the damage humidity can cause when I moved away from the South — the discomfort, the health hazards, and the unpleasant odors as things progressively mildew and rot over the years. Yuck. I wish I’d had this dehumidifier then! But now I’m in a drier climate and thought that was that, as far as humidity is concerned. And then my office was moved across campus — into the same building as the Aquatic Center.

I actually helped the retiring professor move his things out and all of his books were yellowed, had a strong odor, and some were mildewing. Yuck. I also moved out multiple trays of “humidity absorber” balls that didn’t seem to have helped, either. So I decided — before all my things were ruined and turned musty smelling — to get this dehumidifier. And I am so glad that I did. It removes the humidity very well.

It makes my office more comfortable, and seem like a more pleasant temperature, whether the temp is the same or not. It already seems to be removing the musty odor from the room. The controls give you lots of ability to tailor the settings to just what you need. Seriously, if you’re in an unpleasantly humid environment, or need a lower humidity for your storage, work environment, health, or comfort (or, like me, all of the above) this is a real solution.