If you’re looking forward to an upcoming wedding someday, a magazine, like The Knot, is really great to look through. But when it comes down to actually plan out a wedding, like for my daughter, this book is a godsend! It really lays out different styles of wedding decor: classic, bohemian, eclectic, glam, modern, romantic, and rustic. There are tons of GORGEOUS photos showcasing many weddings in each style, with concise, helpful text describing the various elements that helped tie the theme/style/event together.

Each style has a blueprint guide discussing the major elements — colors, invitations, menu, venue, attire and more — and how each can reflect the wedding’s style. This book has helped us avoid so much confusion (and many potential arguments) to help focus and work through what we are all aiming for. The book is simply fantastic, and would make a beautiful engagement gift or coffee table book in itself. And the DIY crafts section really help to use a modest budget to create an amazing wedding.