As someone who paints architectural landmarks for a living, I can state — with personal and professional enthusiasm — that this is a truly remarkable book. The atlas features an around-the-world journey of the most colorful and visually impactful locations on Earth. The 500 entries include lavish photography and brief, engaging descriptions. The book is arranged by traveling from Alaska across the globe to end in New Zealand.

There are six different general categories: Natural world, Urban art, Festivals, Built environments, Places of worship, and Leisure and cultural spots. Some are well-known, like the Cinque Terre of Italy, while many others are new to me, like the Hexa Grace of Monaco. I think this is the perfect book for Instagrammers to find amazing photo opps, too. Whether you are a globe-trotting Instagram celebrity, or just wish you were, this is an amazing, must-have book of the year!