This is a fun story of a boy who is traveling to Japan with his pet cat, Neko. When he nods off, the cat takes a tour of famous Japanese sites. The book offers a lot of visual impact in it’s 14 pages, teeming with hand-drawn comic-book-style illustrations which evoke the crowded environment of urbanized island nation itself. It is a cute story, which introduces many wonders of Japan, and all’s well that end’s well.

Yet the real appeal of the book are the amazingly detailed and inventive paper pop-up engineering offered throughout. Each page is over-the-top amazing with elements which go far beyond anything I’ve seen before in any pop-up book or card. Many pages seem to pull different elements from several directions, all at once, while not just capturing the end appearance, but they movement of the illustrations themselves, such as the sumo wrestlers rising against each other. Truly amazing!