Mty bedroom is painted in a light gray. I find the muted color to be soothing, on-trend, and classically upscale. My bedding needed to offer some color yet blend well with the overall muted color scheme. And so I was happy to discover this lovely bedding set. The set comes with a comforter quilt/bedspread/blanket, a sham, a pillowcase, a regular sheet, a fitted sheet — and a 14-inch square, stuffed, decorative pillow, too! The fabrics are very soft and everything is machine washable. I really like how there are two sides to each of the items in the pack, and either side works just as well.

On the one side, I love the details which add variety to the muted palette. There are several shades of gray and teal — mellow, yet enough color to add liveliness to the designs, without overwhelming them, or my overall color scheme. On the other side, the gray and white trellis print is lovely, too. So, mixing and matching between a coordinated look, or a more bohemian mix and match approach, is easy and both look so nice. I like being able to just turn over the pillow and comforter and instantly have a totally different look in my bedroom. The material has also held up well even after repeated washings.