We have family members stay the weekend or night at our house pretty frequently. We’ve tried inflatable beds, but those didn’t work very well a lot of the time. So we needed something a little more sturdy and semi-permanent than that and it needed to be able to be put away, too.

So we’re very happy to find this folding wood platform. It comes almost completely assembled. We just unfolded it and screwed in the wooden legs and it was completely ready to go. I really like how it is made with real (and strong) wood and has the finish of fine furniture. I think that It looks really nice and high end! It is very sturdy and suitable for an adult (or two). It is nice enough to convey a real welcome — and a comfortable rest — without having to install permanent bedroom furniture.

Taking it out or putting it away takes no more than five or ten minutes as it easily folds up and we put it away to store it until it’s needed again. We have a nice twin mattress that we have ready to use with it when we have guests and that’s working well for us.