I noticed recently that my daughter’s mattress is still good quality, but it’s not as comfortable as it used to be. So, when I saw this mattress topper, I realized that it could be a solution. The topper is a good size, pretty generous, actually. It is 37 inches wide, 71 inches long, and a bit more than an inch-and-a-half thick. The texture is really comfortable. It is denser than regular foam toppers, yet not so dense that it just flattens into nothing, either. It fits underneath a good quality fitted sheet that is fitted around her mattress.

Or, if a sheet was too tight, it could maybe be fitted around the topper alone. It definitely makes my daughter’s bed softer, and maybe a little bit warmer, too, which is really nice in the winter. The memory foam is nice, too, because she likes to sleep on her side, but sometimes wakes up with a sore shoulder. This topper has helped with that since the memory foam is a lot softer than her mattress is, so it’s been a help for her to not have as much stress put on her shoulder and she doesn’t wake up with it hurting like she used to.