It seems to me like sometimes the purest things are the hardest. For instance, we wanted a simple, solid-wood table for the breakfast nook — something with a little style yet timeless. Is that too much to ask? Well, it absolutely was — until we found this table. It’s really lovely and offers an honest strength yet with understated elegance. We love it. You can tell right away it’s an upscale offering by the packaging.

It is really carefully packed up, with all the wood packed in foam wrappers, a thank-you letter with a free stationery set, and reinforced cardboard corners and styrofoam bumpers that are wrapped in plastic (no mess!). Everything arrived in perfect condition. Plus, it comes with extra parts and a re-usable, high-quality ratchet wrench for the brief assembly. It’s all solid wood, and the pine is finished with a natural satin finish. The shapely legs are well designed and engineered, and the assembly process couldn’t be easier. I just set each leg in the corners against the diagonal metal support, added a locking washer, then a larger, flat washer, onto each bolt.

I screwed them in with my fingers to start, then tightened them with that ratcheting wrench. I was done in five minutes. The table is honestly beautiful and should last for years and years. To pull off simplicity this well, everything needs to be perfect, and that’s what I see here. The purest things may be the hardest, but like this table, they sure are the best.